Rebecca Scott BSc (hons), MSc, ANutr

From a very young age, I have always been a big fan of food and like many children, would eat everything and anything, unless it was green. As I entered my teens and final years of (the dreaded) secondary school, dieting became the trend and enjoying food was almost unheard of. 

At the age of 14, I started experiencing stomach pains and excessive bloating after most meals and on a visit to the GP, I was educated for the first time about a gluten-free diet and instructed to follow the discussed diet in the weeks before my first endoscopy. Of course, the results came back negative to coeliac and I returned to eating as normal, with my symptoms persisting. After another year of consistent problems, I went back to the doctors and was referred for a repeat endoscopy which showed results that I was indeed positive for coeliac disease. 

With a high interest in the sport and fitness industry, I proceeded to go to college to study Sports and Exercise Science, where the module I excelled and was most interested in, was Nutrition. Following my academic results, I gained a place to study Exercise, Nutrition and Health at Nottingham Trent University. This is where the in-depth passion & interest in the impact the diet has on our functioning body health really started to develop. 

Not being a natural academic, and after quite the struggle throughout my whole education, I made the risky decision to once again throw myself out of my comfort zone and start my Masters at Kings College London; in order to become an accredited Nutritionist. This was by far my biggest life challenge yet but after a tough year, I passed my Masters in the Summer of 2018. 

With my education now behind me and although not the career path I have chosen to currently pursue, my mission is to now educate individuals through this page and my Instagram @eatwellstressless, with evidence based recommendations on how to reach optimum health through nutrition and balanced lifestyle choices.