Known to most as Bek; I am a Qualified Nutritionist, working in Financial Services, with a huge passion for adventure and travel. I have previously lived in Nottingham, London and most recently, Sydney. I am currently back living in the Midlands, England – where I was born and raised.

I have played with the idea of creating this space for a long, long time and I guess I can thank Lockdown I for pushing me to turn my ever-growing iPhone notes into travel, nutrition & wellbeing posts – that I hope will inspire and help others.

The original idea stemmed from delving back into my field of expertise, Nutrition – but I soon realised there is so much more to my life and personal experiences that I am so eager to explore and share.

I first travelled solo in the Summer of 2013, and never looked back – the adventures have only continued to get bigger & better. So I hope this will become a place where you feel you can refer too for destination inspiration and travel ideas. I hope I am able to share some of my expertise, whilst inspiring you to go and see what this amazing world has to offer.

Having this space also gives me an opportunity to explore and make sense of my own wild mind, and to breakdown the events of the world we live in. I am certainly no means a writer & I am yet to master the full art of technology, but I will continue to learn and adapt. I started this in March 2020 and here we are, January 2021. Tortoise and the Hare.